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How Can I Get Something Notarized Online?

Notaries are upstanding, trustworthy citizens who witness the signing of a document, verifying that the person signing it is who they say they are and that they’re not under duress while signing. (In other words, they don’t have a gun pointed at their head).


In 2011, the Commonwealth of Virginia adopted Code Sections 47.1, which allows its notaries to witness the signing of documents through webcam technology and notarize with an official, encrypted digital signature that is unique to that notary.


A few other states have adopted a similar measure, but only Virginia allows its “eNotaries” to notarize documents from out of state and even out of country. Out of this law came online notaries, which are gaining steam among individuals and businesses looking to save time.

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How Does an Online Notary Work?

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Scan and upload your ID and document to be notarized

Be sure not to sign the document yet! Any easy way to scan your document is the mobile app Genius Scan - PDF Scanner, available on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Meet with a certified notary public through webcam

Using the online notary website's platform, they’ll confirm your identity by looking at your ID and asking you questions using information from the public record.

Sign the document

They’ll witness as you electronically sign the document you uploaded using their web platform.

Notary notarizes the document

They’ll notarize the document using a government-sanctioned encrypted, digital notary signature.

Download your document

You’ll be able to download your notarized document, which you can then email or print out.

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