The Beginner’s Guide to Using Online Notaries



How much does it cost to use an online notary?

If you’re in the United States, it currently costs $25 across the board. If you’re abroad, it can cost anywhere between $25 and $79.

What are the hours of online notaries?

Online notaries are generally open 24/7, 365 days a year. They service people all around the world in every timezone so they’re always available. You typically don’t need to make an appointment with them. All you have to do is go to their website to get started.

What is the online notarization process like?

It’s designed to be as quick and simple as possible. It typically goes something like this:

You start by entering some basic personal information

– Upload the scanned document you want notarized
– Take a picture of your ID using your webcam
– Verify your information
– Answer questions about yourself. The questions are formed using information from public record
– If you need to, print your name, add initials, dates, etc. to the document using the online notary’s annotation program
– Meet with the notary and electronically sign the document
– Notary notarizes the document after which you can download it

The whole process typically takes less than 20 minutes.

What is required of me for an online notarization?

  • A working webcam (or phone camera) and microphone
  • Decent internet connection
  • Photo ID
  • A way to scan and send your document
  • Check the browser requirements for your online notary. Chrome and Firefox are the most commonly accepted browsers.


How do I know my info is secure?

Online notaries take security very seriously. They use bank grade encryption technology for all of the data that flows through their sites and they all run over secure networks and servers. Each notary has more information on the security steps they take on their respective websites.

What happens to my document after it’s notarized?

You will be emailed a link to download your document. Depending on the notary, you may also be able to download it directly from the site without waiting for the email. Per regulation, the online notary must keep a log of all notarizations for five years, so the video recording of your notarization and the document will be kept in their secure servers for that amount of time.  

How can I get started?

Check out our online notary directory or online notary reviews at Also be sure to check out our recommended online notaries below.

               Notarize, Inc.

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