The Easiest Way to Get a Document Notarized While Abroad

So you’re either living or traveling abroad and you need a document notarized? This used to be a traveler’s worst nightmare, but thanks to new laws and technology, you now don’t have to leave your computer to get your document notarized.

Whether you’re in a foreign country or at home in the States, you can get a document notarized online with any online notary company.

In 2012, Virginia made it legal for its notaries to not only notarize documents online through webcam technology, but also do it for any state or country’s citizens. These online notaries are available 24/7 so no matter what timezone you’re in, they’ll be open for business.  

How does online notarization work?

  1. Find an online notary company.
  2. Scan and submit your ID and document (Be sure not to sign it yet!)
  3. You’ll meet with a certified notary public via webcam. They’ll confirm your identity by asking you questions about yourself from the public record.

  4. They’ll witness you electronically sign the document.

  5. They’ll notarize the document using an encrypted, government-sanctioned digital signature and stamp.

  6. Finally, you’ll be able to download the notarized document, which you can then email or print out.

The price of using an international online notary is higher than the price for domestic users, but if it’s urgent, being able to get a document notarized from your computer abroad will save you much more than going to an embassy or consulate.

NotaryCam has successfully notarized power of attorney documents and affidavits from more than 70 countries, which is why we recommend them for international notarization.  



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